Mission Planting

Whoever knows what is right but doesn’t do it is sinning.

James 4:17 GW

As I survey our society and its ills, I see a glaring deficiency in our efforts.

We’re trying to put people into the same economic prison system that we’re enslaved to.

That’s not God’s design.

He richly provides us with everything to enjoy.

Private property is a man made idea.

Everything belongs to God.

So currently on the West Coast of the United States, we’re seeing an ever increasing epidemic of homelessness.

This trend will continue as robotic automation eliminates more jobs and affordable housing becomes more and more scarce.

We need to pull our collective heads out of the sand and face facts and then do something about it.

We know that God has the answer.

We know that obeying God’s Word will yield fruit that lasts.

We know that whatever we’re doing right now is getting us the results we’re getting.

Something needs to change.

First, our hearts need to change.

We need to recognize our common humanity and our shared responsibility to care for our fellow human beings.

If you read the Bible, you’ll continually come across God’s written instruction to provide for the poor, the foreigner, the widow, the orphan.

It’s not a suggestion.

It’s a command.

We have both an individual and corporate responsibility to make sure that happens.

Second, our attitude needs to change.

Competition seems to drive selfish humanity to new heights of vanity and depravity.

All such striving is sin.

Collaboration is what needs to be motivating us.

Pride is rooted in competition.

It wants to say that somehow I’m separate from you and somehow I’m better than you.

It’s an illusion and it’s a deadly one.

Third, and finally, our strategy and tactics need to change.

If you want information on church planting, there’s an endless supply of resources available.

What if you want to plant a mission?

You know, a church that actually takes care of the needs of the people.

Is there a mission planting organisation somewhere that I haven’t heard about?

It seems each community is left on their own to figure it out for themselves.

It shouldn’t be this way.

At the core of planting missions is the twofold approach to changing lives: worship and discipleship.

Worship is the secret weapon.

Discipleship is the hands on process of fulfilling the Great Commission.

Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples.

Are you making disciples?

If not, you’re sinning.

That should be a wake up call to those who waste their days away with idolatry and religious games.

It’s time to get on mission.

And start planting missions.


I don’t know.

But God told me to take the time to figure it out.

And once I do, I’ll teach you how.

To God be the glory forever and ever, amen.

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